Miscellaneous Pieces

I don't always work to a project, sometimes responses result in one stand alone image or stem from a project. The image 'Thursday In The Garden, St Ives' sprang from my Lockdown Land project where 'Tuesday' featured a glorious magpie that often passes the garden. I did a larger painting in oil based on my initial illustration and simplified the content. 'Digey Daydream & Joules Bag' also started life as an illustration in my 'Safe Spaces' project. The red oil painting on wooden panel measures 9 x 12 inches and depicts the coffee I had outside a coffee shop on The Digey, St Ives, post lockdown. In it I am also contemplating the wider surroundings.

'Apple Tree Garden'
'Honesty Box Gladioli, West Penwith'
'Mousehole Cat With Roses'
'Digey Daydream & Joules Bag'
'Thursday In The Garden, St Ives'